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Pillars Contracting, LLC.

2022 Copyright/All Rights Reserved

American Pillars Contracting, LLC.

1266 W. Paces Ferry Road, # 326

Atlanta, Georgia 30327

(844) 855 - 5433 Toll Free

[email protected]

Veteran Owned Business

Trusted Business Consultants



We here at American Pillars Contracting, have been provided building construction and business consultant consultant services for more than 1000 business owners since 1998. We offer both residential and commercial building options from custom home building to remodeling, renovations, land clearing, escavation, foundation repairs, framing, plumbing, electrical, paving, masonry, roofing, water wells to landscaping services as we are General Contractors.

Dr. Benjamin Apollos

President & CEO

A 4th Generation builder, starting in 1847 when his great grandfather building "shotgun" houses and later taught the trade to his grandfather James.  Benjamin's father, Benjamin Sr., taught some trade skills to he and his brother.  They both work in construction now.  However, it is Benjamin Apollos who carries the nearly two century old tradition of his family, consulting and constructing homes.  While completing his Masters’ degree, serving in the Army Reserves as a Chaplain Officer and raising a family, he started off acquiring and supervising jobs as little as $2,000.00, with one skilled worker. He's performed home remodels, internal commercial build-outs in retail spaces and malls, new construction from the ground up, both residential and commercial, built entire infrastructures for several shopping centers; to include but not limited to tree and brush clearing, grading, excavation, rough and final plumbing, rough and final electrical, street and parking lot, retention pond, pavement of a 110 parking space parking lot, striping, blueprint design of the building and landscape plan, construction of the shopping center, and internal buildout for 10 new retail tenants for one shopping center he constructed. He's designed blueprints, erected steel buildings, built high dollar homes from scratch (custom home building), ranging from $400,000 - $3.7 Million. In addition, He's managed crews up to 60 skilled workers and subcontractors at one time; and as many as 43 on-site at one time. He's performed all duties required to start, own and operate the logistics and construction business to include recruitment, building and acquiring leads, project bidding, project management, crew management, team building, business operations, hiring, terminating, contracting, public affairs, lobbying for contracts, accounts payables and receivables, binding insurance, managing personnel and contractors with diverse skills and services to include grading, electrical, plumbing, building site infrastructure, weather proofing, street and parking lot paving, installing street lighting, framing, painting, flooring, roofing, windows, door and fixture installation, sewer and septic installation, footings, overseeing construction projects valued at more than $4 million, working with other builders, financial institutions, for profit and not for profit businesses, local, state and federal chamber of commerce partnerships, collaborating with local, state and federal government entities, designing contracts, inspecting topographies for potential projects, environmental management for sites, permitting jobs for my own projects and for other developers. To date, He's constructed or remodeled more than 300,000 square feet of space. Other duties include lease negotiations for triple net and standard lease terms. He is an expert in this area especially when it comes to eradicating Passers, Maintenance and Lighting addons. He's negotiated more than 70 lease deals over this same span of time. Also, He's a licensed General Contractor with reciprocation in 13 states.  He has helped more than 150 business move from stagnant, loss, erosion to money making enterprises.  In addition, he has more than 1400 inventions, many of which he's put into creation and are making money.  He serves as our President & CEO and holds a Bachelors Degree from the prestigious Rollins College, Masters in Psychology from Morehouse College and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from AFC.  He served as a Special Forces U.S. Marine with two deployments to his credit and later served as an Army Chaplain Officer for 14 additional years.  He is a father of 4 very successful adult children.  Apollos recently moved the company into the mobile home investment space as a great addition.

Scharlene is an accomplished Customer Service, Mitigations and Sales expert. She is known for being the go to person who handles complex customer service issues.  She is very resilient and highly respected in the insurance and construction industries. Scharlene earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia Southern University and an Associate of Science from Darton State College. Scharlene has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and demonstrated proficiency as an insurance adjuster and an agent for over 20 years.

Scharlene Taylor, B.S.

Chief Operations Officer  

Senior Vice President 

Jeremy is an honors graduate from Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Florida who successfully completed the world renown International Baccalaureate Program (IB) at Cypress High. The program has been around for nearly 100 years and recruits internationally from the top 10% of all high school honor students. The IB dropout rate is commensurate with the intense and incredibly challenging academic program. The IB program graduates less than 20% of the most intelligent high school students in the world. Jeremy is an elite, consummate, “academian.” He is no stranger to academic excellence as he has been performing at the highest level since the tender age of seven when he was accepted into the Georgia AP (Accelerated Learning) Program. Throughout his entire life, he has been blessed to excel as an honor student and he continues in elite status today. Currently, Jeremy is a graduating Senior at the University of Central Florida. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in History and he works with the firm, American Pillars Contracting, LLC. as the Chief Planning Officer.  

Jeremy Crawford Apollos, B.S., Mech. Engineering 

Chief Engineer Officer

Kamillia holds an earned Master's Degree in Finance from Colorado State University a Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies from the University Of Central Florida, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude and was one of 20 recipients in the entire student body to win the prestigious Pegasus Award.  She too is an IB Graduate. Currently, she is a highly decorated Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Kamillia has been familiar with Construction, Real Estate, Fitness and Business Consulting all of her life. Following in the footsteps of her father, Benjamin Apollos a consummate 36 year businessman in Business Consulting, Fitness, Real Estate Acquisition and Liquidation and a self-made millionaire. She holds the position of Chief Operating Officer. Her father appointed her this position as she is the most able to help the company become a solid venture and has the poise to help the company become a global force in all of its spaces. 

Kamillia Murchison, Masters in Finance

Chief Financial Officer

Building Construction

We are licensed general contractors in the state of Georgia and has reciprocated licenses in 12 additional states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.

American Pillars was founded by Benjamin Apollos in 1996 while completing his Master’s degree, serving in the Army Reserves as a Chaplain Officer, and raising a family. He started acquiring and supervising jobs as little as $2,000.00 with 1 skilled worker. He also performed other works, such as home remodeling, internal commercial build-out in retail spaces and malls, custom building homes from the grown up, building designs & blueprints, conceptualization, building the entire infrastructure for an 18,000 square foot shopping center.

This also include total excavation of trees, rocks, sand and brush clearing, grading, rough and final plumbing, rough and final electrical, street and parking lot, retention pond,  roofing, sheet-rocking, painting, soffits, paneling, masonry, window install, trim work, retaining walls, waterproofing, landscaping, underground drain system, pavement of a 110 parking space parking lot, striping, blueprint design of the building and landscape plan, construction of the shopping center, and internal build-out for 10 new retail tenants.

He created and designed blueprints built high-dollar homes from scratch (custom home building), ranging from $50,000 to $3.7 million. In addition, he managed 60 skilled workers and subcontractors simultaneously.

Apollos performed all duties required to start, own, and operate the logistics and construction business which includes the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Building and Acquiring Leads
  • Project Bidding
  • Project Management
  • Crew Management
  • Team Building
  • Business Operations
  • Contracting
  • Handling Public Affairs
  • Submitting Bids to Government Organizations and Private Companies
  • Lobbying For Contracts
  • Managing Accounts Payables and Receivables
  • Binding Insurance
  • Managing Personnel and Contractors Specializing in Various Services (e.g. Grading, Electrical, Plumbing, Building Site Infrastructure, Weather Proofing, Street And Parking Lot Paving, Installing Street Lighting, Framing, Painting, Flooring, Roofing, Windows, Door And Fixture Installation, Sewer and Septic Installation, Footings)
  • Overseeing Construction Projects With a Budget of More $4 Billion
  • Working with Other Builders, Private Subcontractors, Financial Institutions, For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Businesses, Local, State, and Federal Chamber of Commerce Partnerships
  • Collaborating With Local, State, and Federal Government Entities
  • Designing Contracts
  • Inspecting Topographies for Potential Projects
  • Environmental Management for Sites
  • Permitting Jobs for My Own Projects and for Other Developers
  • And Many More!

In addition, Apollos has served in the:

  • US Military for 22 Years in Both the Enlisted and Officer Ranks, Active and Reserve Service
  • US Marine Combat Era Veteran, Active/Reserve (Enlisted 1984 to 1992)
  • US Army Reserve Chaplain Officer for 14 years

Ou​r Mission

It is our mission to change the face and condition for every business in our portfolio. We are committed to helping you develop the best company in the industry through the most suitable and strategic methods for your specific business practices.

Our Vision

We are earnest to be the most sought business consulting firm in the world. We believe that our openness, creativeness, and flexible program options aligned with our experience and expertise in more than 100 industries. With this, we will drive customers’ confidence in us.

This confidence is our anchor to helping each of them maximize their earning potential, presence, and effectiveness in the communities in which they do business. We also assist them to gain repeat customers each and every time.

It is our vision that our customers will always recommend us to their friends, family members, colleagues, and business associates. It is also our vision to have great relationships with businesses in various industries, making us closer to our dream of becoming the best business consulting firm in the world.


Improvised Aggression Approach:

• Apollos Mentality™©

To win over the long haul, every company needs to be cost efficient and operations proficient to scale on an international platform. In accessing this platform, many individuals, small, medium, and large companies lose what we call the Apollos Mindset; the core system needed to succeed in any business climate anywhere on the planet.

• Digital

We help companies develop digital strategies that deliver on core strategy, delight customers, and enable them to operate smarter and faster. Our Growth product is how American Pillars Contracting blends a practical set of near-term, highly impactful initiatives with a bold vision of how the pace of digital innovation is likely to reshape the industry over the years.

• Mental Tap™©

American Pillars Contracting works with clients to transform themselves through improvised methods for new product development and make big ideas actionable by combining creative and focused intent approaches.

• Emerging Markets

Home of most of the world’s population and recording double-digit growth, emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe are must-win areas for multinational companies. American Pillars Contracting helps companies navigate this unfamiliar terrain and successfully compete against indigenous companies and other multinationals, no matter what your geographical interest.

• Sustainability

American Pillars Contracting helps companies develop renewable energy policies, realize the fullest potential of recycling processes, and identify the impact of new trends and regulations among other things.

• Fundamentals of Growth

Only 1 out of 9 companies succeeds in achieving sustainable growth. We help companies grow by defining and focusing on their core indefinitely through lifelong partnerships, regardless of the size and standard of their businesses.

• Business Unit Strategy

An effective strategy for a business unit requires making proprietary decisions about where to play and how to win. The goal is to enable the business to reach its full economic potential.

• Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy involves a proprietary set of actions that enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. The most critical role of the center is to help business units achieve leadership positions.